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Atlanta Chapter of Embroiderers' Guild of America

The mission of The Embroiderers' Guild of America is to inspire passion for the needle arts

through education and the celebration of its heritage. 
Sharing the passion of needlework with the community is an important aspect of Dogwood Chapter.
Outreach projects
Dogwood chapter supports a number of outreach projects each year, where participants can use their skills to make and donate items for various charitable organizations. 

Finished items may be brought to any chapter event.

Knitted Heart Squares

Pillowcase Project
Toiletry Collection
Newborn Cap Project

Knitted Cross Squares​​

For NICU mothers and babies

Ryan's Case for Smiles

Decatur Cooperative Ministries

For cancer patients

EGA Dogwood members are making fun print pillowcases for  Ryan's Case for Smiles, a non-profit organization that provides them to seriously ill children in hospitals across the country. Visit their website for instructions on sewing a pillowcase or two - be careful - it's addicting!
Chapter members are asked to donate toiletries at the member's annual Christmas lunchon, which are then provided to the Decatur Cooperative Ministries, who provide short term emergency shelter for women and children and long term housing for families with children in transition.
Chapter members knitted caps for full term and premature infants, and knit heart squares for mothers to provide their scent to their newborns in NICU, and are then provided to various local hospitals.
Chapter members knit heart squares for premature and critically ill infants to transfer the mother's scent to the baby when mother cannot be there. Squares are provided to local NICU units. 
Chapter members knit cross squares for patients receiving cancer treatment. Squares are provided to local cancer treatment centers. These hand made items give patients something to hold during treatment  to provide comfort that someone is praying for them. 

Pillow Case Instructions

Knitted Baby
Cap Pattern

Crocheted Baby
Cap Pattern

Knitted Cross Square Pattern